You packed up your “old life”, you bought “someone else’s house” and you’ve “moved to the beach!”  However, you quickly realize something still doesn’t feel right.  You can envision what you want; you're just not sure how to get there.  We close the gap. 

What's the practical application of your design?  Our goal isn’t necessarily to start from scratch - because you may want to work with some of the existing finishes and furnishings you have.  Or maybe, more importantly, you need help selecting local contractors like painters, plumbers & electricians.


At NEST, our team is sensitive to all this because let’s be honest, you’ve got golf to play and beach walks to take!  Contact us soon and Let’s Get Started!



It all starts with a Discovery Call.


Maybe you desire Full-Service Design, or you are a Do-It-Yourselfer who wants a little help with a Designer By My Side, or maybe you don’t know where to begin!  Let us explain our services, help you decide which package is best for you, then assist you in moving forward with your project.


Schedule a FREE call, take our questionnaire. That’s all there is to it!


There really is no substitute for an in-person meeting.  We need to see your space and you need to find out if NEST is right for you and your project. You will receive two (2) hours of uninterrupted time to discuss any and all of your questions and ideas.  Maybe an idea we share will solve your design dilemma,  maybe understanding the hierarchy of decisions pertinent to your project will set you on the right path, or maybe you’ll discover that you need a trusted partner to help you navigate the complexities of design. If, at the end of the meeting, you decide that we are a good fit, the price of this consultation will be applied to your next design package. Click Here for More Details

Initial Design Consultation - $249 (up to 2 hours)

**Should you decide to move forward with another package, this amount can be applied to the cost of that package. 


***NOTE: Time spent at the initial consultation will be deducted from the new package hours.



Not all design projects are the same so you have a choice when it comes to how you want to work with us. Click the option to learn more about that level of Design Service.


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