A Coastal Remodel

A job promotion called them away from their home for 12 years, so our objective was to turn our client’s home from a rental into the retirement home of their dreams

Removing just 2 walls allowed us to create a more functional open concept.  Being mindful of existing plumbing and electrical, we were able to meet their budget.  Using our unique process, we determined exactly what design elements were needed to satisfy each of them; creating a soothing, fresh new space they will  enjoy for years to come.

When we had their BIG REVEAL, the client’s response was an hour’s worth of squealing with delight!!

"Peggy and I recognize how hard you have worked to get our project within budget and we’re grateful.  Team, you have demonstrated to us you had our vision and your desire to satisfy the both of us." ~ John & Peggy ~

Our Beautiful Results

Before We Started