Sharing a Houzz/Pinterest Board


This is a 20 to 30 minute exercise.


Create an account on (and/or ONE FOR EACH PERSON involved. This assures that we will consider BOTH your design preferences.


HOUZZ: Create an “Idea Book”. In the upper right corner, click “Your Houzz”

Name it: “John SMITH’S” (your full name) “Living Room” (a DEFINITE room to include)

Name another one: “John SMITH”S” (your full name) “Kitchen” (if applicable)

Another “Sally SMITH’s” “Master Bedroom” (if applicable) or “Master Bath”

PINTEREST: Open your acct in R corner & “Find Ideas” Save pins and select dropdown to “Create Board.” Click “Secret” & add our email as a collaborators. Slide down to find and click “Invite”

CREATE A “Sally SMITH’S SPECIAL FEATURES” for those favorite features that you come across. Keep them separate. DO NOT PLACE these pictures in a Room Idea book.

STEP #3:

HOUZZ: Click the “+ Invite” sign in the upper left of your page in EACH OF THOSE boards listed above to INVITE us so we can view your Room Boards.

STEP #4:


Search out Living Rooms or other applicable rooms within Houzz or Pinterest. You can filter more specifically for “Vaulted ceilings” or “Coffered ceilings” or for “Traditional living room”.

STEP #5:


We need pictures that capture the whole room, not just one picture of a chair or vase.

DO: Save ONLY images that IMMEDIATELY capture your attention placing it in the appropriate IDEA BOOK. DO be sure the pictures capture most of the room.

DON’T: Don’t spend any time analyzing. Don’t include special features in any room idea book. Don’t be concerned that there is something you don’t like in the room. We realize there may be certain elements in the picture you do not like, but we need to see what captured your attention to want to look closer. Ideally, we do not want you spending more than 3 to 4 seconds on each picture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please edit your Idea Book to 20 to 25 favorites. In the event there is a second space involved such as a kitchen or a bath, please provide an additional 10 to 15 pictures per room. Send us an email when you have completed your Idea Book.

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